Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The 4 things I could've done without

            There was a lot to like this year.  I mean seriously, I just filled up 3 lists with things I liked.  And if I had to watch every movie and play every game this year, I probably could’ve filled some of those lists up twice.  Unfortunately, for all of the new things I’d discover, that’d just make this list so much longer.
            4. The nonstop events from Marvel. Event comics are cool.  You get the entire cast of the universe together to fight a threat against their entire existence.  But if you keep doing events all the time, suddenly it becomes less like an event and more like routine.  I’m still several events behind at Marvel, so this is not related to the quality of the events at all.  But the fact that we’re still getting aftermath from Fear Itself at the same time that they’re starting the prologue comics to Avengers vs. X-Men?  Not to mention the whole “DEATH OF (ultimate) SPIDER-MAN”, just barely after they killed off the Human Torch (and this isn’t getting into the name heroes that died during Fear Itself).  Come on, you guys, this is just getting ridiculous.  Let your comics just go as they are for a while.
3. Watching shows fall apart. I wrote a huge rant on how ­I felt about America’s Got Talent, and replacing the only judge I liked with Howard Stern and a mysterious fourth judge is not getting my hopes up.  My single review of Glee could not sum up how I felt when season 3 brought Sue back to her status as villain for no good reason.  Pan Am excited me for one episode and then proceeded to twiddle its thumbs until it got cancelled.  And I’m beginning to question if American Dad is in its decline (when did the principal become a main character?) and if so, how long it’s been happening.  It’s just disappointing.
            2. Nintendo, what the hell are you doing? I don’t understand.  Seriously, I like Nintendo.  I like the games they create.  But then I look at this year in review and it’s like they don’t understand why people like them.  The 3DS launched to little but a string of ports (yay, another version of Ocarina of Time), although it’s starting to get some games worth talking about.  And the Wii is apparently dead now?  With the Wii U coming soon, but no Nintendo games announced for it (that I know of)?  Seriously, you finally hit what the Wii should’ve done with Skyward Sword, and now you just move on?  I don’t know.  It’s hard to get excited for the next Nintendo console when I’m perfectly happy with what I have.  A 360 (although for similar reasons, it will be hard to get excited for an Xbox 720).
            1. Disappointing summer sequels. I liked Spider-Man 3.  I liked X3 and X-Men Origins.  I liked the latter two Pirates movies.  I say all this to point out that this year’s crop of sequels just finally got me down.  Now, there were exceptions with Kung Fu Panda 2 and Harry Potter, and prequels were excellent.  But then there’s the 4th Pirates, which wasn’t bad, just forgettable.  I watched it, I liked a decent part of it, but there was ultimately just nothing there worth talking about.  Cars 2 put the franchise in several unwelcome directions at the same time, with the loss of its heart, most of its ensemble cast, and even its genre.  And The Hangover: Part II easily ranks among the worst movies I’ve sat all the way through.  I’m usually optimistic about movies, but after this crop, I’m left wary.


  1. You didn't mention Breaking Dawn in the sequels!

    1. I didn't see Breaking Dawn!!!

      Also wasn't that November? I specifically said summer sequels. :P