Saturday, September 3, 2011

DC's New 52: My Thoughts

            Starting just last week, DC has launched their new 52 complete reboot of the universe.  All issues go back to #1, and there are plenty of writer change-ups all around.  While I don’t pick up comics by themselves, instead waiting for the trade paperbacks, a number of these books have caught my eye…for both good and bad reasons.  This’ll go through the books that I find interesting in some fashion (going through all 52 is a pain with some titles I really have no opinion about), with my opinions based mainly on writer, opinions of the character, and the synopses of the first 3 issues from DC’s website.  I’ll also be giving these interest levels, with a 5 being “I’m definitely going to read it” and a 1 being “It’d have to do something spectacular to get me to even consider it”.

Action Comics: Grant Morrison really proved himself with All-Star Superman, taking away his trademark trippy writing to deliver a very heartwarming, awesome, and fun Superman story.  While there’s some definite controversies here, like Superman’s new blue jeans-based outfit, I have very high hopes for this series, and the plots sound like they could be fun. 5.

Superman: George Perez has done some work on some very big books, including New Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths, and these plots sound fun and action-packed, like Superman fighting a monster everyone can see but him.  I haven’t heard good things about the prime Superman book recently, but maybe this’ll turn things around?  4

Batman: I’m slacking.  I haven’t read any of Scott Snyder’s works yet, despite the good things I’ve heard about American Vampire and his Detective Comics work.  This does sound very awesome. 4.

Batwing: An African Batman?  I’m intrigued, but also wary.  Judd Winick has made some very questionable choices, like suddenly giving the current Speedy HIV.  I’m also wondering if he’ll try for a dark tone like the excellent Unknown Soldier.  Time will tell on this one. 3.

Batman: The Dark Knight: How many Batbooks is too many?  There’s 4 focused on the Dark Knight himself, and this one literally sounds like nothing that couldn’t have been saved for later on in the main book or Detective Comics.  Was this necessary?  2.

Batgirl: Bringing the previously crippled Barbara Gordon back as an uncrippled Batgirl is a risky move.  But having Gail Simone on really gives me hope.  Even having only read Secret Six by her, I’m very interested. 4.

Green Lantern: I feel like looking at the description has spoiled some GL plot twists I haven’t read yet.  It just brings my interest up more, though, especially since Geoff Johns is still on the book. 5.

Green Lantern: New Guardians: A team comprised of Lanterns from all of the corps?  Sure, why not? 4.

Red Lanterns: The first non-Green corps to get their own series.  This’ll be interesting. 4.

Justice League: Geoff Johns proved himself to me with team books on Justice Society.  DC is using this as their flagship title for the reboot.  I have high hopes. 4.

Aquaman: Another Geoff Johns book, more hearty interest from me.  I’ve heard the Aquaman segments of Brightest Day were very good, so I’m assuming Johns knows how to write him well. 4.

Wonder Woman: Brian Azzarello normally does gritty crime books, like 100 Bullets and runs on Batman.  Having him take on Wonder Woman is a very interesting choice, and I’m hoping it turns out well. 4.

The Fury of Firestorm: Firestorm’s certainly an interesting choice to get his own book.  With Gail Simone writing, it could turn out well.  4.

Green Arrow: “The Jersey Shore of supervillains” you know what, I don’t care about anything else.  That quote is awful enough on its own to turn me off. 2.

DC Universe Presents: When you’ve narrowed down your titles to 52, it’s nice to have a book solely focused on having tales from the DC Universe.  The first arc is focusing on Deadman, a pretty cool character who doesn’t really get enough on his own.  With a Deadman TV show in the works, though, it’ll be good to get a starter. 4.

Justice League Dark: A Justice League book with Deadman, Zatanna and Constantine on the team?  SIGN ME UP. 5.

Swamp Thing: Scott Snyder again, along with Swamp Thing’s return to the DC Universe.  The main problem with doing a book like this is that you’re always going to be judged against Alan Moore’s fantastic run.  I’m hopeful. 4.

I, Vampire: I don’t understand.  Why does this exist?  No, more specifically, why does this exist in the DC Universe?  Did you really need to jump on the vampire bandwagon?  Couldn’t you have given Krypto a book?  Or Bat-Mite?  1.

Deathstroke, Grifter: These books look so 90s, it’s ridiculous. 2.

Suicide Squad: What the hell is Harley Quinn wearing?  Why would you do this?  2.

Blackhawks, Men of War: Bringing The Blackhawks and Sgt. Rock into the modern age will take a fine touch.  It could turn out to be dark military books that still have the pulpy flavor.  Or it could just be ridiculous.  Time will tell. 3.

All-Star Western: More Hex, with the same writers and sharing a book with other DC Western heroes.  I’m all for it. 5.

Blue Beetle: The last run of Blue Beetle was downright fun, mixing action, humor, and plot to great effect.  This isn’t making it sound very fun, but maybe it’ll turn out well. 3.

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